Organization Behavior and Teamwork: 4 Effective Strategies

This paper studies organization behavior and teamwork. A few notable characteristics in the New Seasons Market, Inc. case study show the company was embracing the best practices for creating and maintaining a cohesive team. These features are as follows. The company came up with a common vision led by its executive team to allow for the consideration of client, employee and society needs. This common vision allowed the executive to form the first green team, which then became an example for work execution and inclusion of employees in a structure that could recognize their contribution.

Organization Behavior and Teamwork
The teams in the organization are full of diversity. They include members from different departments, and they are large, with at least 13 paid employees. They also address multiple issues to allow different employees to contribute to their sustainability. If teams have a diverse membership and they are addressing different demands while following a common vision, then they enhance the team’s cohesiveness.

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