On Responses Need To Focus On: Please Discuss The Different Services Each CDN Provider Offers To Its Subscribers. Other Providers (For Example Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud Front, Cloudflare, Edge Cast) Do Any Of The CDN Providers H

On Responses Need to Focus on:

  • Please discuss the different services each CDN provider offers to its subscribers. Other Providers (For Example Microsoft Azure, Akamai, Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud front, Cloudflare, Edge Cast)
  • Do any of the CDN providers have industry-specific services?
  • Be specific with your comments and provide credible support for your opinions.


  • Need 8 Responses to other student initial posts (Use uploaded Document to see Other Students Initial Posts).
  • Need minimum 250 words for each response.
  • Need 2 APA References for each response (Use 2015 and above resources)
  • No Plagiarism please

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