NUTR 132: Extra Credit Opportunity –

NUTR 132: Extra Credit Opportunity – 20 points!
Review and Rate a Food label
1. Go to your home cabinet (or local grocery store) and pick out a food item that has at least 7 MAIN (meaning not trace or in small amounts, ie – less than 1%) ingredients to review, take a picture and paste label here. Tell me why you decided to buy this product and what you look for on the food label – 2-5 sentences (5 points)


2. Review the key parts of the label and write a full sentence on each topic below – must be detailed, not just “this is healthy,” explain why you think this is a good or bad choice based on the nutrient and what you have learned in the class. (5 points – 1 pts each)
Total Calories:

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3. Do you know all of the ingredients in your food item? If yes, tell me about the ingredient Carrageenan and Red dye 40. If not, please write about 2 you do not know much about and tell me about them, research them – tell me the pro’s/ con’s, nutrient value, reason why it was added – ie – preservative? Etc. (5 points – 2.5 points each)



4. A new food label was adopted in 2020, take a look at this link (
and tell me 5 new things about it that has changed from the old Food label.
(5 points – 1 point each)



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