Novozyme Strategy Case Study Reflection profile

Answer the following:

Nielsen, Novozyme’ CEO, has hired you as an external sustainability advisor. He and Novozyme’s head of global sustainability, believe that the company is at a crossroads. They seek your external perspective.

1. To better understand the strategic landscape, conduct a sWOT analysis of Novozyme and describe your results.  (sSWOT image). (100 words)

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2. Based on the sSWOT, discuss the pros and cons of the following three options. Then select and justify your preferred course of action (500 words):

  1. Stay the course on its present sustainability journey
  2. Double down on its commitment to the SDGs
  3. Change its course—and if so, in which direction?

3. Which stakeholder(s) will be Novozyme’s biggest blockers to realizing its course of action? What recommendations do you have to manage these blockers? (150 words)

Total Words: 750 words

NB: Put the answer underneath each questions. Answer the questions based on the uploaded document. A sSWOT image is needed for question 1

The only reading needed to complete the assignment is the provided article.

Reading: CASE: Zelleke, A. & Billaud, E. (2017, Nov 28). Passion and Strategy: Novozymes’ Embrace of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Harvard Business School. (35 pages)

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