Needs Assessment Case Study

The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze the needs of an EHR in a clinical setting in order to determine a potential solution to an EHR problem.

Read the “Integrated Case Study”, “Oncology North: Navigator Intake Paper Form” and “Oncology South: Oncology Navigator Intake Form” resources prior to beginning the assignment and use the information in the resource to write a 750-1,000 word paper that provides answers to the following questions:

What are the problems identified in the EHR?
What are the gaps resulting from the identified problems?
What are some opportunities to expand or develop the capabilities of the EHR?
What developments could be made to the clinical workflow setting?
What is a potential solution to the identified EHR problem?
Cite at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed resources in your analysis.

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Please include intext citations and use APA 7 for references


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