NEED TO FINISH IN 5HOURS 08/01/2019 21:30 (EAST COAST TIME) Case Study

Read the case study of the textbook and answer the questions below; include justification of your answers.

1.  Based on what is known about the test results in this case and the hypothetical test in the first case, do you think the out come in each case was fair?  Be sure you address each one separately and justify your answers.

2. Would you recommend that the testing of female athletes be continued to ensure that male athletes do not compete as females?  Or should all such testing be banned?

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3.  Watch the video below and then indicate if your answer to question 2 changes or stays the same.  Explain why or why not.

Transgender Track Athlete Wins CT State Championship, Debate Ensues (Links to an external site.)

4.  The video below presents another case: Explain how this situation is different and how you think the laws could be changed to address this particular situation.

Transgender boy wins girls' wrestling title (Links to an external site.)

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