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1.In the article, “It’s a Flat World, After All” the author divides the history of globalization into 3 segments.  What were the time periods?  Briefly describe the motives of the globalizers.

2. The Flat World article was written in 2005, which of the “World Flatteners” do you think has had the greatest effect on modern times?  Why?

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3. Perspectives: The author believes that technology has resulted in a worldwide even playing field, where trade barriers, language and geography are no longer obstacles to international competition.  Do you agree?  Why/why not?

4.  (Text, Ch 5) Give an example of a company in a slow-cycle market.  Why do you consider the industry it is in to be “slow-cycle?”

5.  (Text, Ch 5) Provide an example of a company in a “fast-cycle market?”  Why do you consider its industry to be fast-cycle?


Bonus: Edit the following excerpt:

As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, going them.

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