Natural Resources Map Assignment

Our Assignment:

There are so many different natural resources around the globe, and each of them holds significance to the community in which it is extracted and to the resource users. It is time to explore some of the regions of the world that depend on resource extraction and the implications these resources have on the area.

Step 1:

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To begin, you will choose two different communities around the globe, each with a different natural resource extraction taking place in the region. You will drop a pin on a Google Map to distinguish this area.  I will need the map submitted as well.

Step 2:

For each of your two pin drop locations you will provide the following information:

Name of location.
Name and description of resource being extracted in the region (include photos).
How humans are using this natural resource.
History of the resource extraction in the area. What trends/patterns can be seen?
What have been the implications of the resource extraction on the social/cultural, political, environmental and economic aspects of the region?
Include a minimum of one image of the area
You must provide a proper Works Cited sheet or I will not mark the assignment.
This can be done in a chart format, point form, slide show – whichever is easiest for you to do. (20 marks

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