Syllabus is attached to assignment

This must be constructed as a power-point presentation with significant back-up written documentation on each section and will be presented by the student(s) in a 7-10 minute presentation in class (7-10 slides). Presented during Week 8.

· Visual: A visual identity that is a copyright-free photo, or a photo that has been manipulated (i.e. Photoshop).

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· Biography: This section must be written using your own words and organized within the categories identified below. Each section must address both the social/historical context in which the artist was developing and the artist-specific information.

1. Ethnic/Racial Roots and their influence on the artist.

2. Early years (0-15)

3. Music Formative Years (generally, 16-25) (What influences)

4. Performing Career

5. Their influence on subsequent artists, if known.

· Discography: An annotated list of recordings.

· Music examples with “Liner Notes(notes that explain origin of lyrics)”

At least one representative listening example and is accompanied by the following “Liner Note” analysis:

1. Description of Musical Building Blocks (melody, harmony, timbre, form)

2. Identification of ethnic influences

3. Lyrics (for songs) and translation if needed

4. Interpretation of lyrics

5. Personal impact of example (why chosen)

· Web search: 3-5 web sites that provide additional information on the artist, genre, social, context, etc.


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