Musi 1114 Music

Questionfor Group 1: For the examples in this group, respond to the questions associated with the following two characteristics. Where appropriate, you are welcome to use time stamps (e.g., 0:30) to identify when notablefeaturesare introduced.Your response to each characteristic may be no longer than twoparagraphscomprised of four sentenceseach.Characteristic 1: Melody•State which instrument(s)or voice(s)performs the melody.Use the categories from the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system in your response.•Comment on allof the following aspects of the melody’s construction: melodic range, melodic direction, and melodic contour. •Upon listening to the example, does the structure of the melody elicit an emotional or psychology response? Why or why not might this be the case?Characteristic 2: Harmony•State which instrument(s) or voice(s) create harmony. Use the categories from the Hornbostel-Sachs classification system in your response.•Using terminology introduced in chapter 4 (e.g., chord, chord progression, harmonization, arpeggiation) provide a detailed explanation of how harmony is featured.•What expressive qualities emerge from the music because of the example’s use of harmony?

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