Mongolia and BRI


Paper should follow guideline but only talk about the more modern aspect and future views of Mongolia. This is a general explanation of what needs to be covered on my side. I have added a pdf of the resources and citations to use.
“My partner having already mentioned the background information of both countries I will tie in the information to the modern point of view. As my partner explains the cultural and historical aspects I will be focusing on the overall future view of the Belt and Road Initiative project. While presenting I will mention the positive and negative views of the citizens in Mongolia to the project. My main objective would be to explain any current events that have been happening, influenced by the Belt and Road Initiative project. Tying in the old perspective, from my partners research, I will further explain if there was any change in the recent reactions to the project. Moving forward, I will emphasize on how the movement is changing Mongolia as a whole, this would alter between the different working classes. The main point would lean to the future of Mongolia and based on what the Belt and Road Initiative has been signed for, will it have a positive or negative impact on the economy.”

This is my partners so there is no repetition:
“My partner and I will first explain what the belt and road initiative is. When we have explained the belt and road initiative. I will start the presentation off with the history of Mongolia and how it became the country it is today. This historical background of Mongolia will start with how Mongolia became a country. One thing we know is that China at one point was conquered by Mongols around 1279 and this was called the Yuan dynasty. The historical connection that Mongolia has with China as well as how China was influenced by Mongolia and vice versa. The cultural aspects of Mongolia are an important topic to understand the possible opportunities that the belt and road initiative can bring to the people. While I explain Mongolia culture I will go into tourism as well as popular events that happen around the year that could bring the global influence that Mongolia culture could bring to the world through the belt and road initiative. In the presentation, I will talk about the positive aspects of the belt and road initiative through tourism, History, and Culture. There will be some negative aspects as well but I won’t go into a lot of details about the cons of the belt and road initiative is to Mongolia or the citizens that live in Mongolia.”

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