Choosing the “right” mentor is critical to one’s long term success in life.  Mentors assist us in determining what it takes to be successful in one’s chosen vocation, academic program, or in reaching a short or long term goal.  How do you go about locating a mentor?  How do you know if a mentor is right for you? What are some important characteristics (strengths/weaknesses) you should look for in potential mentors?  How could a mentor assist you in achieving your current academic and career goals related to the DSL program?

For this and the next Forums, please note the word count at the end of the Abstract as ____/150

At the end of the Forum post indicate the word count _____/700

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At the end of each Reply indicate the word count ____/250

Course Textbook:

Merida, T. (2015). Christ-centered exposition: Exalting Jesus in 1 & 2 Kings. Tennessee:

B&H Publishing Group.


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