Media Kit for Graphic Design for Beginner Project

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Portfolio Project

For the launch and project you are required to incorporate:

  • A pitch letter to an appropriate media outlet for the product or service. Below is more information about the project idea.

Project Idea: Media Kit for Graphic Design for Beginner’s

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Ever since I was little, art has been a huge part of my life. Drawing, painting and crafting things with my mom are some of my best memories that grew into a lifelong love. Attending school for Visual Communication made me realize I knew so little of the art and graphics world and I remember being overwhelmed at everything I was being taught. What would have helped prepare me for the journey ahead in graphics would have been a page for people wanting to begin a career as a graphic designer.

This project will focus on providing a one-stop starting point for anyone looking into a career in designing. Something to get them started by helping them to decide on a school and financial aid options, as well as show them the progression of my personal journey of how I got where I am today. This site will provide articles on the best schools, financial aid and scholarship programs, interviews with current designers and the advice they would give to aspiring designers, as well as a graphic and/or photo library of some of my works and creations. Many of the sites I’ve researched touch on getting into the programs used, and tutorials for graphic styles, however I have yet to find a site that helps with guidance before someone begins school

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