Be sure that you have read chapter 14, Fluvial Degradation, to complete this posting thoroughly.

For this week’s posting, go to page 106-107 of the Goode’s Atlas.  You may need to use other maps in the atlas that illustrate your river in greater depth. Refer to those maps in your posting. 

Select one river from the United States (outside of California) and explain the following; 

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1.  What is the name of the river? 

2.  Describe the river’s stream profile — identify the mountains (headland) where the river develops and identify region or city where the river runs into the ocean (delta) –use pages 106-107 for this. I Explain the elevational difference, from the peaks to the ocean. Cite page of atlas you are using to determine this. You can use California rivers (p. 118 atlas) or Oregon and Washington Rivers (p. 114 atlas) for more familiar information.

3. Where is it’s headlands?  Define this concept in your own words and identify the amount of precipitation these mountains receive (see page 72).

4.  Identify the type of rock that the river runs through (pg. 70-71) and the drainage pattern associated with this. Metamorphic, igneous (type), or sedimentary? See chapter 14 for types of drainage patterns.

5.  Do you see any features (erosional, depositional, or human) along the river’s path? Identify them by name of landforms and explain how they reflect the river’s transportational capacity.  Be sure that you have read the chapter Fluvial Degradation (14) to fully describe these features.

If you do not describe material from ch 14 (in your own words), you will receive 0 points for Questions 3, 4, 5, and a maximum of 6 points for the posting. 

* No need to respond to other students this week.

** extra credit  (up to 10 points) — add two pictures; one the river’s erosional features and one of the river’s depositional features (discussed in 5 above).  Be sure to identify the feature and briefly explain how it is formed.

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