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Submit a draft of your DNP project proposal including SQUIRE 2.0 sections 1-6 (Chapters 1 & 2). Utilize
the DNP project manuscript template as a guide (see Module 2). Submit your draft to and to the SmarThinking.
An essential skill for DNP-prepared nurses is to synthesize evidence and effectively review the available
literature. Utilizing your table of evidence, draft an evidence review of the literature/available
knowledge that will support your DNP project as part of your DNP project proposal manuscript. You
should incorporate articles from the table of evidence that you created in DNP 7107 as well as additional
articles that you have identified as pertinent to your DNP project. Your evidence appraisal should be 15+
pages and adequately describe your topic. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph
modeled after the example. You should include organizational, local, state, and federal data as
Your DNP Project Advisor will provide feedback for you to make revisions before the final proposal is
due in Module 7.

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