DANGER OF THE SINGLE STORY is possible and impossible.  Our take-aways from an exchange or observation are shaped by who each of us is at a given point.  There could be much discussion about philosophy here.  We are impacted by what we even sense as “background noise,” our yesterdays, and our now, and whether we are in distress or even hungry.  Having said that, this work (you have access to theTed Talk as well as the transcript)  cautions us to be careful in arbitrarily assigning people and circumstances certain values without benefit of knowing the more.   

Because the argument of the single story is central to the course (and there is the irony that the course often offers only one work per time, country, and/or topic) the focus is upon expansion – not mindlessly, but with decision and awareness.  Caution: Do not be quick to find insult or self centeredness.

This assignment is quite straight forward and vital to the course’s unfolding: list the main ideas that the author offers.   Lead each item with an action verb.  Edit.  Focus.

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EX: Little Red Riding Hood

.  Teaches to be aware of stranger danger

.  Employs willing suspension of disbelief

. Causes concern about parenting

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