Legal Research Assignment

For each of the four (4) levels of government – (1) federal, (2) state (of California),  (3)  county  (of  Los  Angeles),  and  (4)  city  (of  Los  Angeles)  –    (a) identify the “eviction moratorium”/“rent abatement”/“rent deferral”/“tenant protection” law(s) that level of government has enacted or adopted; (b)briefly describe   the   provisions/protections   of   the   law(s),   focusing   on   those provisions/protections that block or delay evictionandthose provisions/protections  that  limit  rent  increases  and/or  delay  collection  of rents; and(c) state when the law(s) will expire, absent any further extension.[HINT  (repeated):    Your  answer  to  this  Question  should  be  no  more  than four  (4)  sections  …  one  for  each  level  of  government/each  jurisdiction. (See, Sample Format document posted to Canvas.)

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