Lab Discussion


Minimum Requirements

On each of the lab discussion, students must have at a minimum of 500 words per question set. How you divide your minimum word count is up to you; however, you must answer to all of the questions.

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Question 1 set

Is one anomaly enough to disprove a hypothesis? If not, how many are? Why is it important that scientists use all of their results and not just some of them? What should we do if the evidence neither supports nor contradicts the hypothesis?

How much evidence do we need to conclude that a hypothesis is true? Should it be different for different situations? For example, compare testing a medicine that could have bad side effects to working out which of two approved fertilizers most improve crops.

Question 2 set

How can we know that atoms exist and understand them if they are invisible? Atoms were thought to be indivisible (not able to be broken down). We now know that they are made of smaller particles. Should we still think of them as the building blocks of matter? If scientists found a new particle that they thought was the smallest part of an atom, how could they be sure that there wasn’t anything smaller?

Can you think of anything that is not made of atoms? Is everything made of something? What about energy, forces, information?

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