Lab 5-Soil Sampling

Lab 5- Soil Sampling

Review the tools, steps, considerations needed to properly test soil. Use these sources to get a sense of soil sampling techniques.

A Guide to Soil Sampling (Links to an external site.)

Soil Sampling: Best Practices (Links to an external site.)

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Soil Sampling (Links to an external site.)


The Benefits:

Soil testing is the single most important guide to the profitable use of fertilizer and lime. It is in the best interest of farmers, lawn care professionals, landscapers, gardeners, fertilizer suppliers, and consultants to promote the use of soil testing for several reasons.

  • Grow Higher Crop Yields
  • Produce Higher Quality Crops And Ornamentals
  • Use Fertilizer Dollars More Efficiently

The Goal:

The purpose of soil testing is to identify the soil fertility that the plants or crop, in a given area will experience. The soil area and volume could be a large field, a small garden, or simply the root zone of a single tree or shrub. The most difficult step in soil testing is accurately representing the desired area of soil. A laboratory cannot improve the accuracy of a sample that does not represent the area.

In most soils, it takes more than one year to make significant changes to the soil test levels. As the soil improves with better fertility programs, subsequent crops or plant growth should show increasing rates of improvement. Soils are formed over thousands of years, and are not easily changed in a short time.


  • Select a piece of land where a hypothetical sampling of soil could be made. You may choose land you are familiar with or a digital option.
  • Make a recipe of how you would sample the soil on the land you chose.
  • Develop a creative way to show your work. It could be a recipe, or flowchart or cartoon or video.
  • Be creative and remember it must be concise to submit and share in the course.

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