Italian Inventors Project

You will be choosing 10 Italian inventors/inventions and will be gathering information about their life and their work. You should describe what they have invented, how the inventor’s work has improved the way in which we live today.

What should be included?

1.Inventor’s name

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2.Date of birth and death (if applicable).

3.Biography of life: when did this inventor live? How was this inventor educated? Where did he/she live? If you can find out, tell why the inventor wanted to invent the invention.

4. Invention/s: what the invention does and how it can be used (communication, transportation, fun, food, medicine, science, etc. (Use Key Concepts: Function (How does it work?), Form (What is it like?) Connection (How is Connected to other things?) Change (How has it changed?)

5. The importance of the invention: how did it affect our world/society/environment? How does change impact our lives? Has it saved lives, helped transportation, simplified communication, increased the food supply, or is it simply for fun? How did particular inventions develop?

6. Video about the invention/inventor (1 in English and one in Italian)

Must include: Pictures of inventor & invention & videos NO PLAGIARISM!

Format: PowerPoint or Video

I already did the first one and half the second use as a reference feel free to change anything. I also picked out the first 5 you will be missing 5 more you pick, thank you

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