1. In at least 300 words, provide a brief discussion of the history of e-commerce.  Include in your response the origins, leaders, and reasons for expansion of this commercial enterprise.
2. Information systems are now used to help businesses solve problems and make decisions.  In not less than 300 words, describe how this is done in business.  Include in your response a discussion of the problem solving steps, the tools that are available to users in a company, and some information on Decision Support Systems (DSS).
3. We have learned both ethical and social issues in the management of information systems.  In not less than 500 words discuss the many challenges faced by an IS manager in a corporation.  Include the many types of threats to the computer systems of a company, both internally and externally, and the actions needed by an IS manager.  Include some discussion of the importance of ethics to a company, how it is managed, and your personal ethical principles as an IS manager.

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