IT Security

Conduct the Assessment (Due Oct 12)- Page 29 of the NIST Guide

the parts in bold are to be completed by me. DO you need to see  the report for  the vulnerabilities and predisposing conditions?   We are using the NIST based on Tier 2. The link to the NIST can be found in the document

Again, use the NIST report to address the following:

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  1. Identify threat sources and events-p.30- Appendix D
    2)  Identify vulnerabilities and predisposing conditions-p.32- Appendix F-
    3)  Determine likelihood of occurrence-p.33- Appendix G-
    4)  Determine magnitude of impact-p.34-Appendix H-
    5)  Determine risk –p.35-Appendix I-

5) Identify Needed Controls and Programs-(Due Oct 12)

Research and specify security controls needed to close the security gaps in BRI.

Also, be sure to include a description of the following programs for securing BRI:

  • Security Awareness and Training Program (i.e., communications to employees regarding security)-Kamesha
  • Privacy Protection Program-Tara
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Program-

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