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Your Information Technology Solutions Plan should address the following prompt: Given the business case scenario below, you will design a Information Technology Solutions Plan that will address the deficiency in the organization. You will research and critique three innovative technologies that could potentially address the company need, and then select the one you deem to be the best fit for the given scenario:
UNICEF is a United Nations program that focuses on providing assistance to women and children in developing countries. UNICEF personnel are often one of the first responders to a natural disaster. When natural disasters occur, UNICEF will send a team to the area hit by the natural disaster and begin to provide medical and emergency assistance to women and children affected by the natural disaster.
Many developing countries have fragile communication infrastructures. Internet access and phone networks can be slow in performance and susceptible to intermittent failure due to power interruptions and weather related interruptions. The stability and performance of these data and voice communications networks are severely impacted by natural disasters. The failure of these networks can dramatically impede the communication needs and efforts of the UNICEF personnel assigned to help provide relief to areas impacted by the natural disaster.
UNICEF personnel responding to a natural disaster require effective forms of communication in order to address the needs of those impacted by the natural disaster. In such situations, one of the needs is to establish local communications (both voice and data) as well as communications back to UNICEF’s headquarters. Local communications is necessary to coordinate activities at the site of the natural disaster. Global communications is necessary to coordinate personnel and supplies required to address the needs of the women and children in the local community.
With the dependence on communication networks and the realization that such networks are likely destroyed during a natural disaster, UNICEF is interested in technological innovations in the area of voice and data communications networks. Technical innovations that can be used to create and maintain an affordable and effective communication network and that are self-contained and portable are necessary. The communication network cannot assume the existence of any other networks at the site of the disaster, including power networks.

Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:
1. Needs and Challenges: What is the need or challenge of the organization? What are potential ways to address that need or challenge? How can it be improved? 2. Innovative Technologies: What are three innovative technologies that can be used to address the needs of the organization, and how do the technologies address the needs? 3. Assessment: Assess the technologies with regard to cost, implementation, potential benefits, and stakeholder effect. Be sure to comprehensively address each component of the assessment for each of the three innovative technologies. 4. Selection: Based on the assessment, which innovative technology best meets the organization’s needs and why?

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