Is social theory a sexuate discourse?


The essay needs to be exact words requested excluding references and titles.

The essay based on Luce Irigaray: Sexual difference and the feminine and any other relevant scholars.

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Another essay title that can be used other than the assignment topic is Write a critical evaluation of the contribution and/or potential contribution to social theory of any of the theorists whose work has been included in the key texts sections of the seminar programme.

I have also attached some pdf files of some of the key texts that may be useful and need to be added to the referencing.

Key Texts:
– Irigaray, L. (1985) ‘Any theory of the “Subject” has always been appropriated by the “Masculine’ in Speculum of the Other Woman

– (1993) Je, Tu, Nous: Toward a Culture of Difference – (1994) Thinking the Difference: For a Peaceful Revolution

– Boothroyd, D. (2013) Ethical Subjects in Contemporary Culture (Ch. 3 ‘ Sexing the ethical Subject’), Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

– Burke, C. et al (eds) (1994) Engaging with Irigaray (Columbia University Press)

– Chanter, T. (2006) Gender (Continuum)

– Elam, D. (1995) Feminism and Deconstruction (Routledge).

– Martin, A. (2003) ‘Introduction: Luce Irigaray and the Culture of Difference’ Theory Culture Society 20 (3): 1-12 (Moodle)

– Young, I.M. (2005) On Female Body Experience: On ‘Throwing like a Girl’ and other Essays (Oxford University Press).

– Whitford, M. (ed) (1991) The Irigaray Reader (Blackwell).

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The number of sources is around 6-10 thank you