PLESE MAKE SURE Originality Verification SCORE IS NOT OVER 8%

The following sections are in the final consulting report: Introduction to the Organization and Entry, Informal Data Collection, Micro diagnosis, and Contracting. Begin composing these sections in a document of 6–9 pages, index page is required, not including the title page, table of contents, or reference list. Address the following elements:

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1. Introduction to the Organization

  • Type of organization
  • Description of and information about the organization (e.g. review Web sites, press, and published documents)
  • Number of employees or key  members
  • The opportunities that were initially identified or issues the organization  faces

1. Entry, Informal Data Collection, Micro diagnosis, Contracting

  • Description of the issue or  opportunity that served as a starting point for your work with the client
  • The process of diagnosing the problem and the agreed-upon objectives
  • The process you used to reach an agreement with the organization

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