introduction too leadership theories


Before you begin to consider leadership theories and paradigms for this brief written assignment, it is very important that you take a moment to consider the importance of critical thinking skills in your educational pursuits. Throughout your program, critical thinking will be a core component of your academic success and will greatly improve the quality and depth of your writing.

Before continuing, be sure to read over the Critical Thinking: Where to Begin webpage. The concepts on this webpage will help you examine, test, and clarify your own thinking as you work on assignments, including this one.

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For this written assignment, you will think of leadership in all of its dimensions. Leadership is a term that is often used in education, business, and the military. In this class, you will have the opportunity to explore specific theories and paradigms of leadership.

In your paper,

Describe the leadership theories that spoke to you the most.
Summarize how you have seen each theory that you described in practice in your career or otherwise.
Illustrate the ones that you implemented in your life, whether or not you were aware of doing so.
Explain how at least one theory has been demonstrated by one person in your life, or yourself.
Determine how you could apply (or contrast) each leadership theory that you read about to this paradigm of work motivation.
Your assignment can refer to your own experiences, but make sure to include four sources using content from readings, the online resources, or other reputable media and websites. You must also reference your Academic Research and Writing: A Guide for the Social Sciences text.

As you prepare this written assignment for the course, please keep in mind that a successful final draft of any written assignment should be the product of brainstorming, outlining, and writing multiple drafts. Many of the assignments in this course are building blocks toward the final Leadership Theory Paper, but it is important to keep in mind that you will need to continually revise your work using the feedback from your instructor as well as the Writing Center as you use these pieces to develop the final draft.

The Writing Center is a great service for all students, offering 24/7 Writing Tutoring and live chat support, and Paper Review for papers and discussion posts. It is strongly encouraged that you submit a draft to the Writing Center for this paper. In addition, leverage Grammarly and Turnitin (see Understanding Turnitin for assistance) as you build toward the final paper. Refer to the Adding Grammarly to Microsoft Word video for assistance with adding Grammarly. You can also review the Turnitin FAQs for responses to specific questions about the tool.

NOTE: In your Week 3 Journal, you will be asked to evaluate your experience and feedback from Grammarly. Additionally, you will evaluate your experience with the Writing Center and the Ashford University Library in Week 5. Be sure to make use of those free tools so that you have the needed information to craft a quality analysis.

The Introduction to Leadership Theories paper

Must be three to five double-spaced pages in length (not including title and pages and formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft Word resource).
Must include a separate title pages with the following:
Title of paper
Student’s name
Ashford University
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice resource for additional guidance.
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
For assistance on writing Introductions & Conclusions as well as Writing a Thesis Statement, refer to the Writing Center resources.
Must use at least four scholarly sources in addition to the Academic Research and Writing: A Guide for the Social Sciences
The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a particular assignment.
To assist you in completing the research required for this assignment, view this Ashford University Library Quick ‘n’ Dirty tutorial, which introduces the Ashford University Library and the research process, and provides some library search tips.
Must document any information used from sources in APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA: Citing Within Your Paper
Must include a separate references pages that is formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Writing Center. See the APA: Formatting Your References List resource in the Writing Center for specifications.