Interaction Framework Research

Part 1: Interaction Framework Research

Complete the unit reading and then research Norman’s execution/evaluation action cycle to complete this part of the assignment. Locate one other source about the framework. Use this other source (not the textbook) as the basis for this part of your paper.

In one paragraph:

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  • Describe the main parts of Norman’s execution/evaluation framework and summarize other information provided in your source related to this framework. This might be an example, its uses, or its shortcomings.
  • Pick a sample process and explain how each step or phase would be applied to your example.
  • Do not quote; write only in your own words.
  • Include an in-text citation for your source.
  • Minimum length is 130 words.

Part 2: Device Assessment

Select a computing device that you use often. Choose a cell phone, ebook reader, or tablet. Then write an evaluation, answering the following questions in your own words (do not use source material for this part):

For your first paragraph:


  • Identify the device and its purpose, intended user, and typical location for use (if any). Include an image of the device you selected.

For your second paragraph:


  • Explain how easy it is to determine possible actions on this device.
  • Explain the mapping from intention to physical movement on the device.

For your third paragraph:

Use by the novice

  • Explain what you think might be the novice user’s understanding between the system state and their interpretation of that state.
  • Describe possible confusion that might arise for novice users.

Write in your own words, write in full sentences, and do not copy the instructions. The minimum length requirement for this part of your assignment is 150 words.

Part 3: Gulf of Execution

What is a gulf of execution? Why is it important to minimize in the electronic world? Some simple additional research online may help clarify the gulf of execution and its importance in interface design.

In 1 paragraph and in your own words:

  • Define gulf of execution.
  • Give an example of how this might present itself in the workplace. The example must reflect a gulf of execution from a digital device.
  • Write at least 60 words, and do not use source material for this part. Write from experience and your understanding of the reading material.

Part 4: Mental Models

The textbook describes mental models. You know that they rely on the user’s human perception.

In 1 paragraph and in your own words:

  • Explain and give details about why it is still important to consider mental models in interaction design.
  • Write at least 60 words, and do not use source material for this part. Write from experience and your understanding of the reading material.

Part 5: Applying the concepts.

List 2 groups of software/website users that have special needs.

  • For each group, suggest a way that interfaces could be improved.
  • How could using Norman’s execution/evaluation action cycle when considering these groups help with design?
  • How could the use of mental models help?
  • Write at least 100 words. Write from experience and your understanding of the human computer interaction and the limitations within the interface. Cite any references that are used.

Provide a final page of properly formatted APA reference entries.

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