Institutional racism

For this assignment, you will be asked to critically analyze a complex racial problem. You should begin by researching a racial problem that is recent and that which you can relate to the material covered in this course. For example, you may look at environmental racism, institutional racism, health and wealth disparities, etc.


Your paper should proceed as follows:

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Give an overview of the problem. Discuss a recent news story or a statistic that points to the magnitude of the problem. Also, discuss why the problem is significant and important. Provide a thesis statement.
Propose a solution to the social problem.
Give a counterargument about how to solve the problem. Most complex social problems have more than one side and more than one perspective. Give the other sides argument. Do not present a straw man argument. Present the other side as accurately as possible.
Counter the other position point by point.
Provide a conclusion summary.


1. Use APA format

2. Title Page

3. Cite at least six external sources (These sources must be legitimate sources. Wikipedia and other non-academic or non-government internet sources will not be accepted). Use at least two sources for the counterargument.

4. Stay within the page range. You do not have to write exactly six pages, but don’t go too far over or under.

5. Reference Page

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