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On Wednesday of the week you post your initial discussion. Your initial post should be at least 500-750 words in length. Your post must demonstrating critical thinking, synthesis, and comprehension of the concepts and theory presented in the course weekly reading. You must include at least one peer-reviewed citation in each paragraph. This assignment requires at least three high quality peer-reviewed sources as references. The more high quality peer-reviewed citations you have helps strengthen your position on each point you make.

The discussion board assignment is worth 50 points. By Sunday of the week you must submit two peer posts. These posts have a required 250-500 word count. You must include in-text citation and biblical integration in all posts. All posts must strictly comply with APA style standards. All sources used except the textbook required sources must be published within the past five years. Copy and paste text into the discussion board forum. You may attach your discussion after posting text to the discussion board if you wish.

Course Textbooks:

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Bartlett, R. (2013). A Practitioners Guide to Business Analytics: Using data Analysis tools to improve your organization’s decision making and strategy (1st ed). New York, McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9780071807593.

Merida, T. (2015). Christ-centered exposition, exalting Jesus in 1 and 2 Kings (1st ed). Nashville, TN, B & H Publishing Group. ISBN: 9780805496703


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