Informative Speech

Choose a significant concept and explain it to the class.  The topic that you choose should be of interest to both you and your audience.  Under no circumstances is this speech to be a “how-to” speech.  If you are explaining to us how to do something, like a recipe, or to fix something, you are not doing this assignment correctly.  I will be paying particular importance to your use of supporting materials and your organization.  Your topic selection is also under evaluation as a demonstration of your understanding of audience analysis. You will also be required to have a visual aid integrated into your speech.     

An outline, a visual aid and a minimum of four (4) citations are required.

You should submit your outline (with the link per the examples) as your assignment. 

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I had chosen the topic “Impact of Social Media on our Lives” as you can see in the outline attached.


Sprague, Jo, Douglas Stuart and David Bodary.  The Speaker’s Compact Handbook. 5th Edition.  Boston:  Cengage, Wadsworth, 2016. ISBN:  978-1-305-28028-1.


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