Information Security and Risk Management

Provide a reflection of at least 700 words (pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment.

please provide a minimum of 700 words

Course   Name:

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ISOL   533—Information Security and Risk Management

Description : 

This course addresses the broad topic of risk management and how risk, threats, and vulnerabilities impact information systems. Areas of instruction include how to assess and manage risk based on defining an acceptable level of risk for information systems. Elements of a business impact analysis, business continuity plan, and disaster recovery plan will also be discussed.


Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes:


Upon completion of this course, the student will:

· Explain the basic concepts of and need for risk management.

· Explain methods of mitigating risk by managing threats vulnerabilities, and exploits.

· Identify compliancy laws, standards, best practices, and policies of risk management.

· Describe the components of an effective organizational risk management program.

· Describe techniques for identifying and analyzing relevant threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

· Describe the process of performing risk assessments.

· Identify assets and activities to protect within an organization.

· Identify threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

· Identify risk mitigation security controls.

· Describe concepts for planning risk mitigation throughout an organization.

· Describe concepts for implementing a risk mitigation plan.

· Perform a business impact analysis.

· Create a business continuity plan (BCP) based on the findings of a given risk assessment for an organization.

· Create a disaster recovery plan (DRP) based on the findings of a given risk assessment for an organization.

· Create a computer incident response team (CIRT) plan for an organization.

Main Instructional Areas:

· Risk management basics

· Risk assessment plan

· Risk mitigation plan

· Cost-benefit analysis

· Business continuity plan

Disaster recovery plan

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