Informal Analytical Report

At E227 Global Solutions, writing messages is a daily occurrence, with the vast majority of the messages being neutral, routine, or good news messages. The daily correspondence you generate may request supplies or parts from colleagues or vendors, provide updates on ongoing projects, remind colleagues of meetings, request information from other divisions, or express appreciation for assistance on a project.  Whatever the topic, your daily correspondence is usually targeted at a small, specific audience, with which you have a personal working relationship.

Your experience working as E227GS has taught you that even routine writing messages can be challenging, and this week your writing task requires quite a bit of planning and collaboration. You just learned that you have been assigned to a group tasked with analyzing and resolving a problem with E227GS’s manufacturing and distribution centers in Indonesia. The challenge is that the group is comprised of colleagues at remote locations; therefore, this project is one that will require more than a couple meetings in the conference room to coordinate! You have this week to connect with your colleagues to draft a plan for the report the group will produce next week.

It’s going to be a busy week at E227GS!  Better get started!

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This week you will be composing a Routine Message. Please view the Routine Message content item located under Week 3 for the details of this assignment.

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