Implementation of Projects Management Information System for Project Success

  1. Introduction to PMIS
  2. What is PMIS?
  3. Significance of project management information system
  • Essential Capabilities PMIS should support
  1. When to consider a project management information system
  2. Symptoms for implementing a PMIS
  3. Research Questions
  4. What are the vital information needed in order to effectively plan, organize, and control project?
  5. What is the cost of not having precise, appropriate, and relevant information about project?
  • Is the available information suitable for decision making?
  1. What is/are the importance of PMIS in project management?
  2. Background Information
  3. Methods
  4. Secondary sources
  5. Case studies
  6. Analysis/Justification of Data Sources
  7. Implementation Plan
  8. Conclusion




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