ic: Communication 2025: Imagining the future

Topic: Communication 2025: Imagining the future

Contemplate what developments are likely to occur in communication and media in the next 10 years and assess what the impact of these developments might mean for individuals and/or society
This assignment is comprised of two parts an ARTEFACT and an EXEGESIS that together should be 1500 word, or its equivalent. In addition to the artefact, students should include and submit: a REFERENCE list showing all references cited in the assignment AND, a BIBLIOGRAPHY showing all relevant research material consulted in the research process. All references should be scholarly, and unless seminal or class texts in the field, preferably recent that is,  no more than 7 years old.


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The artifact may be presented as:-

A work of creative non-fiction (using the first person)
A creative piece of writing (poem, story, script)
A short video or animation suitable for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo
A short audio work suitable for use as a podcast or broadcast
A short multi-media presentation
A promotional campaign portfolio
An advertising poster

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