This Course Project will be a research report that will cover Hyper-V. The report that will cover five of the differences between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012.Be sure to provide a clear and thorough description for each of the five areas.

The project report must be a Microsoft Word document that includes the following
Do not fill the pages with charts and tables from websites. One or two small ones are OK, but the focus here is for you to know how to discuss the differences if asked; for example, in an interview. Use the proper APA format for citations as described in the plagiarism and undergraduate citations section in the Syllabus. It needs to be four to five pages long, double spaced, one inch margins, using a 12-point font.
It should include a summary section where you will reflect upon your professional opinion of the differences as well as any opinions and experiences you found in your research; for example, from other professionals’ reviews of the newer version.

Comments from Support Team: Discipline: IT, Technology, Networking

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