Human Genome Consortium

Watch the following video

Then answer:

1. What was the purpose of the human genome project? What were the principles that guided it? (3pts)

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2. Describe the “race” the video refers to. (2pts)

3. What is the difference between the technical approach utilized to sequence the human genome between the Human Genome Consortium and Celera? Be specific and technical in your description. Use your own words! (5pts)

Watch the following animation

and read the following timeline

Then answer:

4. When was the Human Genome Project started? When did it end? (2 pts)

5. What was the very first genome sequenced? (1pts)

6. What was the first mammalian genome sequenced? (1pts)

7. Who cracked the genetic code for synthesis of proteins? (1pt)

8. What was the first human chromosome to be decoded? (1pt)

9. Who invented the rapid DNA sequencing method? (1pt)

10. Name three significant findings of the Human Genome Project. (3pts)

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