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How did religion lead to debate and conflict between people in colonial North America?

Your answer should be an essay that is 3-4 pages long. Your essay should use information or quotations from at least THREE different lectures by Dr. Paddison, at least ONE secondary source reading from our class, and at least THREE primary sources (either from this unit’s Primary Source Set or images from the PowerPoints that accompany each lecture).

Your essay should begin with a thesis statement that directly answers the question. Then, the rest of your essay should consist of evidence from course materials that supports your thesis. Be sure to explain, in our own words, how the historical evidence you present supports your thesis. The more specific and thorough your evidence, the better!

IMPORTANT: In your exam answer, you are required to use materials from our class only. Do not consult readings or websites that are not part of our course materials. Any use of outside readings or websites will result in an F grade.

CITING: When you use information or quotations from a lecture or reading, you must cite your source. The format doesn’t matter: you can cite your source parenthetically or in a footnote. For example, if you were citing Dr. Paddison’s lecture on “British America–Massachusetts,” at the end of your sentence you could put a footnote or a parenthetical with the words “British America–Massachusetts” lecture. When citing a reading, you can cite the author and title. It doesn’t matter how you cite but you must cite where you got all your information and quotes.

RUBRIC: The rubric below explains how your essay will be graded. Please consult it while writing your essay.

FORMAT: Please use 1 inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman font. Double-space your essay. Paragraphs should be no longer than one page each. Do not embed images into your essay (but feel free to describe them as primary source evidence).