1. Group Participation – (i) List the names of group members and the role each person will take in the  group for this assignment (Refer to the description below of group roles). Also provide a plan for how  they will change roles during the semester. Each person must serve a least once in each role. (ii) How  often and when will your group meet? (iii) How will group members be contacted or consulted? The  Collaborate link in My Groups in Blackboard will be available to use for your group’s meetings. 2. What strategy does each group member use for time management, and how will your group  ensure that group members keep up with course content, and submit their assignments on time? 3. Accountability is critical for any group to function effectively. How will you motivate a group  member who is not participating equally (i.e., not pulling their own weight). Each group member  should list their full name and provide their individual answer to this question. 4. Consistency in learning is critical. (i) What strategies will each group member use to study  individually (e.g., study groups, problem sets, evaluating text figures, challenging oneself with  practice quizzes, and/or going to office hours and recitation sessions), and how will the group hold  each other accountable to ensure the success of these study plans? Facilitator’s Report for Group Activity #1: The group Facilitator for Group Activity #1 should submit a  separate Facilitator’s Report using the submission link labelled Facilitator’s Report Activity #1 in the  Group Activity #1 folder as described above

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