Habits for Strong Skeleton

Develop a one page paper (250 words) addressing all of the points below. Make sure that your paper is double spaced, saved as a Word document, and is between 10 -12 pt font size. If you have any questions about this assignment please let me know. Make sure you cite a reliable scientific website to back up your work (think National Geographic, PBS, Discovery, Smithsonian, New Scientist, Nature, Scientific American, Science Daily, New Science, The Guardian, Science News, Biology News, Popular Science, The New York Times Science Section, The Scientist). Do not quote from a website/source or you will lose points. You need to synthesize what you are reading and then answer the question in your own words.

As living organs, bones hum with activity, Inside them, bone marrow creates blood cells. Outside, competing cells continually build and break down bone in a process known as remodeling. Calcium from old bone cells is released into the blood, where it can be used again to make new bone. Starting at about age 30, the body loses bone more quickly than it make bone. To keep your skeleton strong into old age, do some research to determine and detail three basic habits you can adopt. Write at least a paragraph for each habit and provide a reliable scientific website to back up your research.

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