Gun Control Research Paper (See Research Proposal File Attached)


1) Create an Annotated Bibliography using at least 8 valid, accurate, current, and objective sources that you would like to use in your research paper as you find them appropriate and helpful for your research.
a. At least 3 sources should come from Deets Library databases (document attached) and any other material resources available to you including ILL (Interlibrary loan)
b. Along with 3 library sources you should use an additional 2 sources which can be from any other platform (primary research, videos, websites, journals, etc).

2. Write a research paper of 1200-1500 words long using my Research Proposal along with following instructions from Research Paper and Teachers response from Proposal (both Files Attached) and it will directly use at least 5 sources in citations (quotations, summaries, or paraphrases), but you will consult more than these 5 resources while doing research and drafting your essay

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