Group Research Paper

Group Research Paper and Presentation Instructions (4 people per group)
Select a person of significant political relevance within American politics (government or political activist) and identify at least 1 characteristics/background of that person (psychological, historical, cultural, religious, etc.), and explain where those characteristics potentially influenced their political behavior by citing examples where those characteristics played a part in that persons decisions and actions. Then present the highlights of those findings. Each person will be responsible for at least one characteristic or introduction and conclusion in this research paper in a joint written summary and presenting the highlights of their research to the class.
1. Select a person of significant political relevance within American politics (government or political activist) as instructed above by designated date.
2. Complete designated Library Workshops.
3. Review/Research material on selected subject [You can only utilize sources found in library databases]
     a. Libraries
     b. On­line Journals/Resources [only those found in library databases]
4. Submit name selected person of interest and preliminary group Bibliography by designated date.
5. Submit Introductory Paragraph/Rough Draft by designated date (from each person).
6. Summarize your findings­THIS IS NOT AN OPINION/ARGUMENT PAPER.
7. Organization for entire group paper:
    a. Cover Page containing the names and student id’s in the top left corner, the         assignment name (“Research Paper”) and class meeting days/time in the             top right corner, title in the center
    b. Body of work 1­2 complete pages in length, double spaced, 12” font size,               clear font style
    c. Combined Bibliography on a separate page at the end
8. Bibliography (MLA preferred) By 10/06/2015 2:00p.m.
    a. At least 4 sources must be used that are not our class materials/text for each persons part.
Greenberg and Page, 2008. “Struggle For Democracy”. New York, NY. Pearson Education, Inc.
Tocqueville, Alexis de. 1966. “Democracy In America”. New York, NY. Harper Collins.

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