The state of Texas has its share of critics and die-hard defenders. Among the criticisms of state government are accusations of being an antiquated and restrictive government (caused by a long and cumbersome state constitution, limited government, and regressive tax structure). Advocates argue, however, that many criticized features are precisely why the state has one of the strongest economies in the country. What do you think?

“Does Texas have a 21st Century Government?”

In a minimum of 800 words and using one area of state government as the basis of your response, respond to the question.

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In your response to the primary question, consider these additional areas of inquiry:

1) Is the structure of government created by the current constitution effective? Is constitutional revision necessary?

2) Are local governments granted enough flexibility under the state constitution? For example, should county governments have ordinance authority?

3) Are we prepared (or structured) as a government to address some of the most pressing issues in the state?

Important things to remember:

This assignment is due Monday, November 8th. Submit your assignment in the Assignments section of Canvas as a Microsoft Word document.

Late assignments are automatically penalized five points a day for up to three days (Thursday, November 11th). After day three, your submission will not be accepted.

Your submission should be at least 800 words (it will likely be longer) and in a font size no larger than 12. (There is no “single- or double- space” requirement. It is up to you. I am more concerned with quality, than quantity.

Correctly cite any sources (Clearly, this assignment requires the use of outside sources).

Consistent use of one format and citation style is also expected. You may use whichever format and citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) you prefer, just be consistent. There is no required citation and format style.

Be careful to use appropriate academic sources, e.g. books, academic journals, and newspapers. You may also reference government websites. If you have questions about other sources, please feel free to ask me or consult an HCC librarian.

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