Geographic Information System

This paper is for a Geographic Information System class covering technologies in Geospatial Analysis. The required book for this class is:
Zandbergen, P.A. (2013). Python Scripting for ArcGIS. ESRI Press.
ISBN-10: 1589482824
ISBN-13: 978-1589482821

This paper consists of (2) two page activities that helps frame the project and a 15 page research paper.

instructions for first activity:
Choosing an appropriate research topic is the first step of conducting any research project. As part of the research project plan, please provide a summary of your project idea, project scope, analysis procedures, coding outline and/or potential data sources. This should include a series of informative overview statements about the subject and context of your planned project. For Python coding and script development, it should also include model and tool details related to the original series of tasks to be programmed. For traditional research topics, it should also include at least one research question and a brief outline of your proposed methods and analysis. In addition, please be sure to mention at least two data sources that will form the basis of the tool development or data analysis portion for your GIS project. This should include existing data related to an emerging geospatial topic or trend in Python, spatial statistics, big data, cloud, or mobile technology that is readily available from public or private agencies. All topics must be approved by the instructor at the beginning of week 3.

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Submit a 1-2 page report that summarizes your proposed research topic.

Instructions for Activity 2:

As we approach the mid-point of the term, this assignment is designed to keep you on track to complete the research project in a satisfactory manner. The topic must focus on some aspect related to an emerging geospatial topic or trend such as Python, spatial statistics, big data, cloud, or mobile technology. As part of the research progress report, please provide a revised summary of your research project topic including the project scope, confirmed data sources, research methods, and coding samples and/or data analysis procedures. For traditional research topics, be sure to clearly identify the research question and hypothesis. Be sure to provide an appropriate level of detail necessary to adequately explain each aspect of your research project. Note sections that still need more work and identify specific areas of concern.

Submit a 2 page report that summarizes your proposed research topic.

Instructions for research Paper:

Your research project should use a series of headings and subheadings. The paper should be between 15-20 pages in length, including all text, supplementary information (maps, tables, charts and/or complete code) and the bibliography of references. You are strongly encouraged to use relevant maps and tables to convey critical information. For Python coding and script development, the report should include an explanation of the advanced functionality of the tool accompanied by a series of relevant screen captures that demonstrate its use in at least two different contexts. The research project should be concisely written, well organized, and effectively argued. It should be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12-point font with one-inch margins on all sides and include page numbers. Papers that exceed or go under the specified length will be marked down. Include an unnumbered title page with your name and course number. Be sure to develop each of sections thoroughly by including all of the relevant information necessary to fully explain each aspect of your research project.

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