Funding an Environmental Consulting

Imagine that you are the environmental manager at a company that wants to purchase an abandoned piece of property across the street from its current facilities. You are provided with the task of finding an environmental consulting company to assess the site because the bank that is financing the purchase wants an outside company to do the assessment.

Your boss has asked you for a report on three environmental consulting companies in your area. After reading pages 5-11 in your textbook, you should clearly understand the role and qualification requirements of an environmental consultant.

Your assignment is to research three environmental consulting companies in your area and answer the following questions:

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  •  List the name of each company and some of the main services it provides.
  • Compare and contrast the companies. Do some specialize in one area of environmental consulting?
  • Pick one of the companies to recommend in your report.
  • Which assessment services do you think your company will use initially to identify contamination?
  • If contamination is found in the initial assessment, what services do you think your company will use?
  • Why did you pick this particular company?

Your report should be at least 2 ½ pages in length and should contain citations and references in APA style and in-text citations 4 references.  Your citations will be from your chosen companies’ websites. Be sure to use in-text citations where you are taking information from the company websites, and provide your full references at the end of your report. The report should be written in a format and tone suitable for turning in to your boss.

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