Freedom of Speech and Libel

Discussion board week 2

In this discussion, we need to take a look at a couple of issues related to Freedom of Speech and Libel.

Question 1: Between the recent white nationalist demonstrations and the counterpoint demonstration in the NFL, there has been a lot of discussion of who, what, where and how people can engage in their first amendment rights. Where do you think Freedom of Speech should stop?

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Question 2: Libel law is linked to social context.  Richard Simmons recently had his libel case dismissed because being labeled transgender is no longer criminal or civilly unacceptable. NPR recently did a story about Gary Hart, the candidate who had his campaign implode after coverage of a possible extra-marital affair.  What do you think are the boundaries now with public officials and what associations/contexts do you think have passed as traits that would be viewed as defamatory?

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