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Work the following problems:

15hr. 7 min. minus 6hr. 12 min

19yd. 28in. minus 16yd. 31in.

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61wk. 4da. minus 18wk. 6da

12hr. 19min. times 10

8lb. 9oz. times 15

8tbsp. 2tsp. times 15

Solve the following word problem:

When Mr. Brown begin his diet he weighed 193lb. 70z. He now weighs 178lb. 15oz. How much weigh has he lost?

Complete the discount and sale price on the chart:

ITEM                        List Price                  Percent of discount              Discount           Sale Price

Pillow                         $12.50                          15%

Mattress Pad             $25                                20%

Bath Towel                 $9.25                             33%

Comforter                   $38.95                           25%

Draperies                    $145                              18%

Placemat                     $6                                  50%

Match by placing the correct letter in each blank.

_______  Real estate tax                                          A. Balance

_______ Order for bank to pay money                     B. Budget

_______ Checking recording                                    C. Check

_______ With holding tax form                                 D. Deposit slip

_______ Plan to use money wisely                           E. Income tax

_______ Used to put money in bank                         F. Property tax

_______ Identified check on deposit slip                   G. Register

_______ Record of income tax withheld

for year                                                                       H. Transit number

_______ Money in bank                                             I. W-2 form

_______ Tax on income                                             J. W-4 form

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