Assignment: Choose one of the films listed below for critical analysis. All of them explore the topic of love, each form corresponding to an age-appropriate stage. Introduce the main character(s). What is the starting situation? Describe the problem(s). Summarize the plot. How serious or light-hearted is the handling of the material? What supports your interpretation? Do close readings of one or two scenes–no more than three-to-five minutes long–that you consider pivotal to the outcome of the movie and/or your response to it. What effect or impact on the audience is intended? Why do you think so? What techniques are deployed towards that end? (For a recap on narrative arcs, consisting of three parts, namely, (1) problem, (2) complication, and (3) resolution, revisit the chapter excerpt from Andrew Glassner’s Interactive Storytelling: Techniques for 21st Century Fiction on the course “Home” page.)

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