Fish And Wildlife Policies, Programs, And Issues

Homework #5 – EVSP330 – Fish and Wildlife Policies, Programs, and Issues

Please respond to each question below. Cited sources, including textbook references ARE REQUIRED.

Question 1. Why should wildlife managers monitor species? What types of measures should be monitored? When should data be collected and for how long? (25 points) 

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Question 2. Why do some nonnative species become invasive and other do not? (25 points)


Question 3. How can invasive species impact native wildlife and habitats? Use at least 1 direct impact and 1 indirect impact in your answer, which you’ll need to develop fully. (25 points)


Question 4. Explain the concept of rights-based fisheries and discuss the potential positive outcomes that could avoid the “tragedy of the commons” that often occurs with open access. (25 points)


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