Final Exam Case Study


Final Exam Case Study

The situation

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You run Lagoon Lodge, a 200-room lakeside resort in British Columbia. The Lodge is a favourite summer vacation spot for families with young children. Many families reserve over a year in advance.

You recently learned that swimmers near the resort have reported “swimmer’s itch”—an irritating rash caused by small worm-like parasites. Children are most vulnerable because they play in shallow water, where the parasites live.

Your task is to notify customers who have reservations at Lagoon Lodge of this problem. Some customers may cancel, but your goal is to preserve as many reservations as possible, while being honest about the problem.

Write a sample letter to one customer by following the steps below.


1- Decide whether your reply will use the direct approach, the indirect approach, or the AIDA approach.
2- Download the appropriate planning document from the exam page on the course website.
3- Complete the planning document. There may be more than one page.
4- Write the first draft of your letter. Include a subject line. Be original; do not copy sentences directly from this case study.
5- Revise and polish your first draft to create a finished letter that is clear, professional, and effective.
6- Submit your planning document, first draft, and finished letter through Moodle, as instructed on the exam web page. You do not need to submit any brainstorming notes.

More information

This case study happens in a post-pandemic world. You do not have to address COVID-19.

The letter will be sent by paper mail. Address the sample letter to Amit Marshall, 10 Main Street, Suite B, Victoria, B.C., V8W 1Z1.
The lodge is not offering any compensation or discounts.

Customers may cancel with a full refund up to 21 days before their visit. After that time, they lose their deposit. Every customer still has time to cancel.

The lodge has other attractions for visitors, including a pool and a playground. Lake activities that keep you out of the water, such as canoeing, are unaffected. There are other recreational activities in the area, such as a new cave tour.

The effects of swimmer’s itch can be minimized by staying in deep water, drying off quickly, and using sunscreen. For more information, see
There is no way to remove the parasites from the lake.

Invent any other details that you need, such as the lodge’s address.

CHOOSE ONLY ONE Planning guides (choose one)

Direct approach planning guide
Indirect approach planning guide
AIDA planning guide