Explain five Confucian (east Asian) Concepts. (Sources: Yao)

Write an essay to answer ONE of the following questions. Please indicate in the
heading of the essay the number for the question you are answering.
1. Explain the why and how of proper order. (sources: lectures, and Mencius or Xun-zi)
2. Explain five Confucian (East Asian) concepts. (sources: lectures, Yao)
3. Explain elite regulation. (sources: lectures, Mencius or Xun-Zi)
4. Explain the paradox of Confucian rule. (sources: lectures, Yao)
5. Explain the role of the district magistrate, specifically the magistrate’s role in material
and moral management. (sources: lectures, Yao, or Mencius or Xun-Zi)
6. Explain the conception of human nature in Mencius and Xun-Zi. (sources: lectures, Yao,
Mencius, Xun-Zi)
7. Explain the East Asian conception of knowledge and action. (sources: lectures, Yao)
*Note: All references to Mencius and Xun-Zi are in de Bary Vol. I

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